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Now that’s a drain lining!

There are stormwater drains we reline. And then there are STORMWATER DRAINS we reline.

Recently we did one of the bigger drain relining jobs we’ve done for a while.

The City of Monash had discovered one of its concrete stormwater drains was cracked, crazed and had a major dislodgement, causing it to block during heavy rains. The drain was 375mm in diameter.

The Drain Man was called in to reline a 15 metre length of the drain, around the Brad Street Road area in Mt Waverley.

A team of 5, lead by two of our most experienced drain reliners, got to work.

It was a large lining that needed some 80 kilos of resin poured into the felt lining, that was inserted into place and inflated to reline the inside of the drain. It took just 4 hours to have the lining in place.

The lining hardened overnight and by midday the next day, the team had cleaned up and left behind a smooth, relined drain that will run fast and free next time it rains. Disturbance to the local residents was virtually nothing and importantly there was no need to dig up and replace that section of the storwater drain which would have involved massive excavations and earthworks.

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