Sewerage Systems

Blocked sewer? We fix it for good The 3 rules of blocked drains and blocked sewers: If a drain blocks ONCE, it will block AGAIN. You can clear it, but if the REAL CAUSE of the blockage isn’t FOUND & HANDLED, it will keep on getting blocked. The only way to assure it won’t get […]

Blocked Drain Plumber

Blocked drain plumbers – call the specialists for better results Avoid these all too common scenarios happening to you. Scenario 1: A cheap drain clearer costs more than you thought You have a blocked drain and call the cheapest drain clearer you can find. They come out, look at the job and start charging you […]

Blocked Drains & Sewers

Get fast relief from blocked drains or sewer pipes No one wants a blocked drain or blocked sewer pipe. If you’ve got one, you want it fixed fast and fixed for good. At The Drain Man we clear blocked drains and blocked sewers all day, every day. It’s all we do. When you book us […]

Drain Relining

Don’t put up with constantly blocked, cracked or leaking drains. You don’t need to dig them up to repair the damaged sections. Why dig, when The Drain Man can save all the mess and disruption to your home, office, warehouse, factory or other commercial premises.