The Drain Man supports TLC For Kids Tracky Dack Day July 1st 2011

Tracky Dack Day

DATE: 01ST JULY 2011

Trackies. Represent. Recovery

Australia, Dack Up & Donate

A day when Australians will wear tracksuit pants to promote awareness of 1.8M kids undergoing treatment in hospitals each year. Why? Because each day in a hospital, the kids are encouraged to change out of their pyjamas to keep a healthy mindset.

Trackies represent recovery.

On July 1st, Australians will sport their favourite tracksuit showpiece and (publicly) celebrate their love addiction for this essential wardrobe staple!

Australia. Dack Up & Donate!


o    Large-scale ad campaign driving SMS donations

o    Endorsement from A-list celebrities

o    PR stunts with wow factor

o    Designer Runway Show at The Whitehouse, presented by Sarah Gale (Project Runway Australia)

o    Hollywood celebrity trackies auction

o    A range of sponsorship opportunities with premium benefits

For More information on the great cause, visit the TLC For Kids website

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