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The risks of clearing your own blocked drains


Clearing your own blocked drains can be a risky business. While you might be tempted to try it to save yourself some money, here’s a story that might make you think twice.

This person had a drain that was blocked with tree roots. They attempted to kill the roots using their own unique methods. By pouring “paint thinners” down the drain!

The problem is that when a solvent based liquid comes into contact with a plastics based PVC drainpipe, the drain pipe comes off second best! In this case the thinners literally dissolved the pipe causing it to become so soft and flexible, it completely collapsed.

It was so weak it couldn’t even be relined. So the owner had to dig it up and get it fully replaced.

This misguided attempt at doing a cheap DIY drain clearing job using $50 worth of paint thinners ended up costing the owner several thousand dollars!

Please don’t try to clear your own drains. Leave it to the professionals at The Drain Man. Find out how we can unblock your drains quickly and give you a superior drain relining solution that prevents tree roots getting into your drains. And in most cases it costs far less than having your drains dug up and replaced. 

Police Pull over Drainman Driver for quote on Blocked Drains

Recently one of the Drain Man’s highly trained team of drain clearing plumbers was out driving to a job. Naturally he was in one of the company’s highly visible Drain Man trucks.

When he pulled up at a set of traffic lights, an unmarked police car next to him signalled him to pull over. Assuming he’d done something wrong or perhaps there was something wrong with the vehicle, Amelio immediately complied.

When the police approached his vehicle, instead of the usual request to see his drivers licence, the officers wanted to know if Amelio could hand over a few Drain Man business cards. Apparently they’d been having some troubles with blocked drains and when they saw the truck they knew no one can do a better job of unblocking drains than, the Drain Man!

Of course you don’t have to pull over one of our trucks to get The Drain Man to help you clear a blocked drain or sewer.

Leading Hospital gets Major Surgery on Blocked Sewer

The Drain Man recently completed a major operation for one of Melbourne’s most well-known hospitals. The hospital had already spent a considerable sum trying to have a blocked sewer cleared. Several plumbers had tried but they simply couldn’t clear it.

So the hospital called in the Specialists – The Drain Man. We sent in our very best drain “surgeon” who did an in-drain inspection using our cameras to reveal what was happening inside the sewer.

What he discovered was an old cast-iron sewer pipe running beneath an underground carpark. The old pipe had literally rotted from the inside out but because it was beneath the concrete floor of the carpark, digging it up would be a major and costly procedure.

The Drain Man however was able to propose a more cost and time efficient solution. With the skill of surgeon, the blockage was removed and the old sewer pipe relined from the inside, ensuring that it was soon functioning again normally.

From all reports, the patient is doing just fine and is extremely happy with the result.

At The Drain Man we have the expertise and capability to undertake drain & sewer clearing in all kinds of commercial, industrial, retail and office locations. Call us for a professional evaluation of your needs on 1800 843 372 and ask to speak directly to Brendan or Adam.

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The Drain Man wins 2013 WOMO Customer Service Award

The Drain Man is proud to have received the 2013 WOMO Customer Service Award.

WOMO (Word Of Mouth Online) is one of the leading independent customer review websites in Australia.

The award is only given to the top 5% of businesses on the website and is based entirely on customer feedback. It is in public recognition of the great service the business is providing to its customers.

The Drain Man is pleased to have maintained a 5 Star rating on WOMO throughout both 2012 and 2013. As we strive to provide the very best drain clearing and relining service in Melbourne, we are very proud to be acknowledged by our customers for achieving this.

We would like to thank our dedicated staff and loyal customers for their support over the past 12 months.

If you have a blocked drain or sewer and would like to experience the award-winning service that The Drain Man is increasingly renowned for, please call us 1800 843 372.