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Congrats to Hawks – Grand Finalists 2014!

As a sponsor of Hawthorn, we are naturally a little biased about the team’s fantastic victory on the weekend. So we just wanted to give a little shout-out to the Hawks for being the AFL Premiers 2014. Winning back-to-back premierships is an almighty task. Well done to the coach, all the players, the on and […]

Got a fatberg? The Drain Man can help.

It seems like everyone is talking about “fatbergs”. There was one in London last year that was the size of a London Bus. There was another in London last week that was the length of a Boeing 747. And there was another one here in Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley Water system. So what is […]

The Drain Man fashions brand new drain-clearing tool

At The Drain Man we pride ourselves on having and using the best, most advanced drain clearing equipment available to clear blocked drains. But sometimes, even the most advanced equipment won’t get the job done. Recently we visited a construction site where someone had accidentally poured concrete down an exposed drain. It was under a […]

The Drain Man speaks at VTIO Seminar – Trees & Drains can co-exist

Brendan Dover, aka The Drain Man, was invited to speak yesterday at the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation’s Soil Secrets Seminar. The seminar featured a number of key local and international speakers who spoke about various issues facing trees in the urban environment. The theme of Brendan’s talk was that “trees and drains can co-exist”. It […]

The dangers of DIY drain clearing

Doing something yourself can sometimes be very rewarding. But there are times when the urge to “do it yourself” can get you into all sorts of trouble, as a new customer of ours recently discovered. He had a very severely blocked drain and despite the best efforts of our team to convince him that we […]

The Drain Man wins 2014 WOMO Customer Service Award

The Drain Man is proud to have once again received a WOMO Customer Service Award, this time for 2014! This is on top of winning WOMO Customer Service Awards for 2012 and 2013 by maintaining a 5 Star rating on WOMO throughout these years. WOMO (Word Of Mouth Online) is a leading independent customer review website. […]

The Drain Man Relines record 27 metre long Drain

Over 15 years, we’ve relined many, many drains. But it’s not often we get the opportunity to reline one this long, in one continuous length. The customer had an older property in Cheltenham with an old 100mm concrete drain that was so badly broken and collapsed it would flood back through the downpipes when it […]

The Drain Man recovers vital security keys from drain

Friday last week, The Drain Man gets a call. An urgent problem has arisen involving a drain. “Can you get here quickly?” the voice asks. On arrival, our plumber discovers a group of anxious looking men standing around a drainpipe. Somehow, someone had dropped a set of vital security keys worth several thousand dollars down […]

The Drain Man Wins at Moonee Valley

The Drain Man was a clear winner with racegoers at the Manikato Stakes night on Friday October 25th. It was a big night at Moonee Valley that also included the running of our feature event – The Drain Man Country Cup! This race was won by Esprit Rossa, from Post D’france followed by New York. […]

Wipes in the pipes causing Blocked Sewers

Do you think those antiseptic wipes, baby wipes or bathroom wipes you use can be flushed down the toilet? Think again. City Sewerage authorities around the world are calling for people to stop flushing any types of wipes down the toilet. (At The Drain Man we’d like to agree with that advice.) The problem is so bad […]