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The Drain Man touches Premiership Glory!

The Drain Man (aka Brendan Dover) is a passionate Hawthorn supporter. And like the Hawks players he supports, he dreamt this year of getting his hands on the Premiership Cup. That dream came true yesterday when the Hawthorn 2013 Premiership Cup made a surprise visit to The Drain Man’s offices in Ringwood. “It was such a […]

Is there a “fatberg” blocking your drains?

The story of London’s “fatberg” continues to spread around the world. And it has alerted more people to the problems that lurk beneath our streets. Far too many people are still pouring fats and oils down their sinks, which dry, harden and congeal into giant “blobs” that can block drains and sewers. When toilet wipes […]

Cheap toilet paper causes $40,000 worth of blocked sewers

A university in Colorado USA is planning a lawsuit because it claims it was supplied with “defective” toilet paper that caused $40,000 worth of plumbing costs over the past few years. The university says the toilet paper “failed to disperse properly and caused the toilets and sewer lines at the university to become clogged”. According […]

What NOT to put down your drain

Local water authority Yarra Valley Water recently issued a timely warning to all householders on what NOT to put down your drain. The story, which ran in the local Leader newspapers detailed some of the extraordinary things that they (as well as us) have found flushed down people’s drains and sewers. Among the list were: […]

Poor plumbing work blocks stormwater drain

At The Drain Man we say “every drain is different”. That’s because we never know what we are going to find when we arrive on site. Most people naturally assume their drains are “normal” and have been properly installed. But often we see a completely different picture.

Beware of Discount Drain Clearing Services

As Melbourne’s leading drain clearing & relining specialists with over 15 years experience, we take pride in our work and our industry. We hate hearing stories of what some of the discount drain clearing “cowboys” have been getting up to recently.

The Drain Man commences work on Regional Rail Link

The Drain Man is proud to have commenced work on a major relining project as part of The Regional Rail Link. The Regional Rail Link is a major government infrastructure project that is creating a major new rail line which will separate regional trains from metropolitan trains increasing both capacity and reliability.