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The challenges of clearing 90mm drains

10mm might not seem like a very large amount, but when it comes to clearing drains it can make a huge difference in the result. For a very long time, 100mm PVC has been the standard diameter for both stormwater and sewer drains. But in the past 5 years or so, 90mm PVC has become […]

The Drain Man stars on 774 ABC Radio

The Drain Man stars on 774 ABC Radio   Brendan Dover, aka “The Drain Man”, was recently invited onto Libbi Gorr’s Saturday Morning Show on 774 ABC Radio Melbourne. This is the second time Brendan has been on Libbi’s show and we’re proud to announce that he is now going to be a regular guest […]

Constant training the key to The Drain Man’s success

What is the secret to The Drain Man’s constant success in drain clearing and relining? The answer is one word – training! From the very beginning, the company has made constant improvement the No. 1 priority. And this all comes from constantly keeping up to date with all the latest developments and techniques in drain […]

Why Faster Drain Clearing Isn’t Always Better…

It seems that we all live at such a fast pace these days. We shop online, read the news on our phones, get take away from the drive thru. So when our drain blocks we often feel we just want it cleared quickly. But sometimes the quickest clearing isn’t the best clearing. Take this common […]

The Drain Man says Do Not Flush!

When it comes to so-called “flushable” wipes the question is should you flush or shouldn’t you. Just because the packaging says  you can flush them doesn’t mean you should. Around the world water and sewerage authorities are struggling with constant blockages caused by these wipes because they don’t break apart like toilet paper does. The […]