How to Avoid Money Going Down a Blocked Drain

The last thing some people think of when buying a house is “wonder if there are blocked drains on this property?” If fact many people don’t even think of the drains when considering a property, yet the cost of repairs to drains can be considerable particularly with older inner suburban houses.

If you buy a property that has old drains and sewer pipes and you have no idea what condition they are in, you could be up for a small fortune to dig them up and replace them once they become your property.

This is especially true if the property has lots of trees on it or has undergone major renovations.

It can literally cost tens of thousands of dollars to dig up and access old drains that are buried under old established gardens or worse still, under the newly renovated parts of the house. The reason it can cost so much is not just the cost of digging up the area and replacing the drain, it’s the cost of restoring the garden or reconcreting the garage floor that has to be included in the total cost of the job.

One quick way to establish potentially how bad the drains are, is to run a tap for a while in part of the house or flush the toilet a few times and see how quickly the water runs away. Of course this is not always pratical to do during an open for inspection and some owners may get upset.

Another way is to see if you can inspect the property when its raining or after a heavy storm. If there’s water pooling in areas where it should be draining away, you can tell that you might be up for some expensive repairs.

A much more certain way to get peace of mind about a property you are considering buying is to call The Drainman for a pre-purchase drain and sewer inspection. We can run a camera down the drains and sewer pipes on the property and let you see for yourself exactly what condition the drains are in. You get a DVD of the footage which will show if the drains have heavy tree root infestations, have partially collapsed or if the joints in the pipes have opened up. You can use this footage to show the current owner and use it as a negotiating tool on price, potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars.

A pre-purchase drain & sewer inspection from the Drainman can be done in around 1-2 hours and includes the DVD footage. Call us on 1800 843 372 if you have any questions about this service or would like to know more.