Beware of Discount Drain Clearing Services

As Melbourne’s leading drain clearing & relining specialists with over 15 years experience, we take pride in our work and our industry. We hate hearing stories of what some of the discount drain clearing “cowboys” have been getting up to recently.

We recently heard of a woman who had searched for The Drain Man on the internet and wrongly clicked on a link to a plumbing service that offered a ridiculously cheap price to come out and ‘clear her blocked drain’, thinking she was getting The Drain Man.

On arrival on site, the woman was subjected a whole series of high pressure “upsell” techniques, comprising extra charges for using a camera, extra charges for getting out a drain clearing machine and even more extra charges for using a high pressure water jetter.

In the end, the job, having been advertised to cost less than $100 on the website, ended up costing well her over $1000! What made it worse, was that she was under the impression she had contacted the original and genuine The Drain Man.

We (and she) only discovered she hadn’t called us, when she rang them back to complain and realised they weren’t The Drain Man! Now we are attempting to fix the problem for her and do what we can to help her get some redress through the new Victorian Building Authority.

So please be wary of anyone claiming to be able to clear your blocked drains for under $100. Any business offering rates like that is unlikely to survive, so when you see ridiculously low prices being advertised know that as soon as someone arrives at your place they will put heavy “upsell” pressure on you to pay extra for all the services involved in actually doing the work. And this could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Ultimately the price that matters is what it actually costs you to get your drain cleared, not the price that’s advertised just to get someone to arrive at your place. And an apparently low upfront price can lead to much more being charged at the end to actually get the job done.

As the industry leader for clearing and relining blocked drains in Melbourne, we are proud of our open and honest pricing policy where we charge an all-inclusive, fixed rate, with no surprises.

To get an accurate price you can trust on clearing your blocked drain please call 1800 843 372 or click