The Drain Man, Flooded Swings, Sad Children


Melbourne sure has been getting some heavy rainfall and storms recently. And there’s more rainfall coming this weekend. So if you find your backyard, front yard, bbq area, carport, garage, basement or any other part of your house or property is getting flooded out, don’t hesitate to call us. We are experts at clearing blocked […]

Relining drains – now even simpler than digging

Relining sewer drains is simpler, more cost-effective, faster and far less destructive than digging. And now it is even less complicated. The Victorian Building Authority recently re-released their guidelines for laying sewer drains in “reactive soils, unstable or water-charged ground”. (You can read them at this link,-Unstable-or-Water-Charged-Ground.pdf  ) The guidelines tell you have to: – first assess […]

The Drain man, Fishing rod

Look what we fished out of someone’s drain..

After 15 years in the business, we are used to finding all sorts of things blocking people’s drains. But last week we had a new one. We were called to a property which was suffering from a drain blockage. We put our camera down the drain to do our regular inspection to see what was […]

Tree-roots in sewer leads to potentially explosive situation

All is not what it seems inside Melbourne’s sewer and stormwater drains. And the smells emanating from them are not what you’d normally expect. Recently The Drain Man was called to inspect a blocked sewer drain at a property in Melbourne. We conducted our regular camera inspection on arrival, which revealed a large mass of […]

The Drain man, Hilary Harper,

The Drain Man talks ‘Fatbergs’ on 774 ABC Radio

Brendan “The Drain Man” Dover was invited recently to speak on 774 ABC Radio about the growing problem of ‘Fatbergs’ in Melbourne’s sewers. He joined Hilary Harper on her Saturday morning show, October 4th around 10.30am. Fatbergs are a growing problem, caused by fats and oils being poured down drains, which then cool and congeal. […]

Congrats to Hawks – Grand Finalists 2014!

As a sponsor of Hawthorn, we are naturally a little biased about the team’s fantastic victory on the weekend. So we just wanted to give a little shout-out to the Hawks for being the AFL Premiers 2014. Winning back-to-back premierships is an almighty task. Well done to the coach, all the players, the on and […]

The Drain man, Melbourne Fatberg

Got a fatberg? The Drain Man can help.

It seems like everyone is talking about “fatbergs”. There was one in London last year that was the size of a London Bus. There was another in London last week that was the length of a Boeing 747. And there was another one here in Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley Water system. So what is […]

The Drain Man fashions brand new drain-clearing tool

At The Drain Man we pride ourselves on having and using the best, most advanced drain clearing equipment available to clear blocked drains. But sometimes, even the most advanced equipment won’t get the job done. Recently we visited a construction site where someone had accidentally poured concrete down an exposed drain. It was under a […]

The Drain man, VTIO, Soil Secrets Seminar,

The Drain Man speaks at VTIO Seminar – Trees & Drains can co-exist

Brendan Dover, aka The Drain Man, was invited to speak yesterday at the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation’s Soil Secrets Seminar. The seminar featured a number of key local and international speakers who spoke about various issues facing trees in the urban environment. The theme of Brendan’s talk was that “trees and drains can co-exist”. It […]

Cautian Colouring, Yellow and Black Stripes, Disaster DIY,

The dangers of DIY drain clearing

Doing something yourself can sometimes be very rewarding. But there are times when the urge to “do it yourself” can get you into all sorts of trouble, as a new customer of ours recently discovered. He had a very severely blocked drain and despite the best efforts of our team to convince him that we […]