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Drain Man Helps Local Eastwood Primary School with Blocked Drains

The Drain Man is proud to be assisting Eastwood Primary School with their troublesome drains. We were prompted to act by a story in the local Maroondah Leader newspaper detailing how the school’s 60 year old drains were so badly blocked the children couldn’t flush their toilets during the day but had to wait until […]

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Ripponlea’s Blocked Drains Renewed, Gardens Undisturbed

The Drain Man has just completed a major drain clearing project, including relining the drains for Melbourne’s iconic Ripponlea historic homestead. By using our unique technology that relines the drains from within, instead of digging up and replacing them, not one part of the property’s magnificent gardens were disturbed. Ensuring the gardens will continue to […]

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Toilet Tester Required

At The Drain Man we like to test all our plumbing equipment to make sure its working perfectly. But we tend to think that most people already know how to use a toilet, without needing a demonstration!

The Drain Man provides onsite quotes for drain relining

We provide onsite quotes on jobs where the relining is straight forward. For complex quotations we would bring the CCTV footage back to our office for assessment. Our estimation department will provide a quotation and send you a copy with the DVD.

How to fix tree roots in my drain and sewers

Over 75% of all sewer blockages are caused by tree roots finding their way into our sewer pipes. Trees are beautiful, shady and provide valuable shelter for local fauna, but their root systems can have a devastating effect on your sewer pipes. Planted too close to the sewer, your beautiful tree could one day end up becoming a very costly and messy problem.

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Innovative Plumbing

The Drain Man is used to working in confined spaces, so too are the proud owners of this installation. Innovation comes in many forms and this is one of the best we’ve seen.

40 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The Drain Man we are different because we offer you a long-term solution to your drain problems through the process of drain relining.

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Will your drains cope with a storm this summer?

When was the last time you had your drains cleared? Will your drains cope with a storm this summer? Do you get reoccuring sewer blockages? Within the home – bath, shower, basin or external to the house? If you do you need to contact The Drain Man. Contact The Drain Man for more information

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Relining – Helping protect the environment

PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC HEALTH Leaking sewer pipes are a clear threat to the local environment and public health. The Drain Man’s reliable underground relining solution makes it easier than ever to rehabilitate long lengths of pipes and protect the local environment from sewer leakage. MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT AND LESS WASTEFUL Without the need […]

Business Awards Victorian Finalist

The Telstra Business Awards celebrate the aspirations and successes of Australia’s myriad small-to-medium businesses. Now in its 19th year, the Telstra Business Awards is Australia’s pre-eminent business awards program, comprising a series of State and Territory finals and culminating in a national final which aims to catapult entrants to even greater success. The Drain Man […]