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The Drain Man Relines record 27 metre long Drain

Over 15 years, we’ve relined many, many drains. But it’s not often we get the opportunity to reline one this long, in one continuous length.

The customer had an older property in Cheltenham with an old 100mm concrete drain that was so badly broken and collapsed it would flood back through the downpipes when it rained.

The Drain Man team cleared the drain using high pressure water jet equipment then set up to reline the drain the full 27 metres from the rear downpipe all the way to the gutter in one continuous length!

The operation involved key members of The Drain Man’s relining team who completed the operation smoothly, quickly and without a hitch.

This length is a record for our company and seems to have set off something of a pattern for clearing longer drains. Since doing this job, we’ve been regularly relining drains in continuous lengths of 16m, 18m, 24m. As more and more people are understanding the benefits of drain relining, we are getting more opportunities to show how relining can provide a permanent solution to your drain problems.

So if your drain or sewer is causing you problems, call the team at The Drain Man and get it cleared and relined, no matter how old it is or how long it is, please call us 1800 843 372. 

The Drain Man recovers vital security keys from drain

Friday last week, The Drain Man gets a call. An urgent problem has arisen involving a drain.

“Can you get here quickly?” the voice asks.

On arrival, our plumber discovers a group of anxious looking men standing around a drainpipe. Somehow, someone had dropped a set of vital security keys worth several thousand dollars down the drain. They were irreplaceable and not to be copied.

The men had tried everything to get them out. Magnets on the end of ropes, specially fashioned hooks made of wire and coat hangers, all to no avail.

Andrew from The Drain Man gets to work. He pulls out his InDrain Camera and quickly locates the keys, showing everyone on the monitor exactly where they lay.

He has an immediate answer. Pushing his high pressure water jet equipment down the drain, beyond the keys, he angles it so the high pressure water sprays backwards up the drain. In seconds the keys are pushed to a point where they can simply be grabbed and pulled out.

Job done in only minutes. And another case of when it comes to ANY problem involving drains, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372 for a fast and efficient solution to your problem.

*Note: no individual names, company name or location has been used in this story to protect the identity of the unfortunates involved in it!

The Drain Man Wins at Moonee Valley

The Drain Man was a clear winner with racegoers at the Manikato Stakes night on Friday October 25th. It was a big night at Moonee Valley that also included the running of our feature event – The Drain Man Country Cup!

This race was won by Esprit Rossa, from Post D’france followed by New York. The winner paid $11.20 so it would have been popular with those punters who backed it!

But another winner with the crowd was our mascot The Drain Man who along with the handsome Sam and the lovely Domonique met and mingled with racegoers throughout the night.

Many a photo was taken and many a laugh was shared on what was a good night all round.

Which just goes to show that if you want to be a winner, call The Drain Man when your drains start running dead slow. They won’t be furlong! Call 1800 843 372.

Wipes in the pipes causing Blocked Sewers

Do you think those antiseptic wipes, baby wipes or bathroom wipes you use can be flushed down the toilet? Think again.

City Sewerage authorities around the world are calling for people to stop flushing any types of wipes down the toilet. (At The Drain Man we’d like to agree with that advice.)

The problem is so bad in some American cities that city authorities are now saying the major cause of blockages and backflows in their sewers are these type of wipes. Some cities have even had to set up traps in the sewerage systems to collect the wipes from certain streets and then backtrack to find which homes they are coming from so they can personally appeal to those homeowners to stop flushing the wipes.

Although the word “flushable” appears on the packaging of some of these wipes, the reality is that they are far from ideal to flush down a toilet. This is because most of these wipes are made from either cotton or some other “fabric-like” material.

This means that they do not break up as they travel through the sewerage system and can cause blockages if they snag anywhere in the system. Also they can cause massive damage to equipment at sewage treatment plants.

Toilet paper however is made from PAPER which is designed to break apart as it travels through the system. It is the ONLY THING you should flush down your toilet.

So please avoid flushing any wipes down your toilet. You will reduce the chance of causing unncessary blockages in your sewerage system.

However if you do find your sewer has blocked up, call The Drain Man immediately on 1800 843 372. We aim to respond on the same day. We can tackle all kinds of blockages, even those caused by wipes.

The Drain Man touches Premiership Glory!

The Drain Man (aka Brendan Dover) is a passionate Hawthorn supporter. And like the Hawks players he supports, he dreamt this year of getting his hands on the Premiership Cup.

That dream came true yesterday when the Hawthorn 2013 Premiership Cup made a surprise visit to The Drain Man’s offices in Ringwood.

“It was such a great feeling when my team won the Premiership on that last weekend in September,” said Brendan. “But it was an even greater joy to actually hold the Cup in my hands!”

“Everyone in the office was so excited when the Cup turned up. It was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated.

The staff at The Drain Man’s office quickly gathered around for the photo opportunity and given it was a footy themed moment, even The Drain Man’s own mascot came out for the event.

If you need the best team at Drain clearing, who aspire to deliver a champion performance, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372.

Is there a “fatberg” blocking your drains?

The story of London’s “fatberg” continues to spread around the world. And it has alerted more people to the problems that lurk beneath our streets.

Far too many people are still pouring fats and oils down their sinks, which dry, harden and congeal into giant “blobs” that can block drains and sewers.

When toilet wipes that don’t break up like toilet paper does are flushed down there as well, it all gets mixed up together in the sewers that run beneath our streets. And so things like London’s “fatberg” are the result.

Here in Australia, our own Brendan “The Drain Man” Dover was recently interviewed by News Limited in regard to the “fatberg” story. And whether it could happen here.

Have a read and if you think there could be a ‘fatberg’ lurking under your home, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372 or click on the link to get a quote.

Cheap toilet paper causes $40,000 worth of blocked sewers

A university in Colorado USA is planning a lawsuit because it claims it was supplied with “defective” toilet paper that caused $40,000 worth of plumbing costs over the past few years.

The university says the toilet paper “failed to disperse properly and caused the toilets and sewer lines at the university to become clogged”.

According to the lawsuit, in the spring of 2009 alone, there were flooding issues in 27 of the university’s buildings. Incidents included overflowing toilets and backed up drains, toilets bubbling over and toilets that simply wouldn’t flush.

Apparently in one case, an attempt to clear a blocked sewer with an auger resulted in it becoming so clogged up with toilet paper it could not be removed. The university had to saw-cut concrete and excavate sewer pipes in order to remove it!

The irony is that the lawsuit means that several lawyers are now clogging up the pipelines of the legal system with their own paperwork!

If you’re finding cheap toilet paper is blocking up your sewer, don’t call a lawyer, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372!

What NOT to put down your drain

Local water authority Yarra Valley Water recently issued a timely warning to all householders on what NOT to put down your drain.

The story, which ran in the local Leader newspapers detailed some of the extraordinary things that they (as well as us) have found flushed down people’s drains and sewers. Among the list were:

  • jewellery
  • cash
  • clothes
  • bricks
  • nappies!

The story included a timely warning not to pour fats and oils down the sink or toilet for fear of creating a local version of the giant “fatberg” that blocked London sewers recently.

Like most kitchen scraps its better to pour fats and oils into paper towels or any other absorbent substance and place in the rubbish. And don’t flush anything down the toilet except for what you would normally do each day!

Flushing things down the toilet or pouring them down the sink, does not make them “go away” and it could be more than just your toilet or sink that backs up…. you could end up blocking the whole street.

For more tips and hints on what NOT to flush down your toilet or drain, please read this article:

And of course, if you have put something down there, that shouldn’t be down there, and it’s causing you problems,call The Drain Man on 1800 843 742! (And don’t feel embarassed, we assure we’ve seen everything!)

The Drain man, Broken pipe

Poor plumbing work blocks stormwater drain

At The Drain Man we say “every drain is different”. That’s because we never know what we are going to find when we arrive on site.

Most people naturally assume their drains are “normal” and have been properly installed. But often we see a completely different picture.

Like one we saw recently when called out to a blocked stormwater drain. When we put our camera down the drain it didn’t take long to reveal the cause of the problem.

The plumber who had installed the downpipe for this stormwater drain had used a very “creative” solution. Instead of using a standard connection  join a downpipe to the main stormwater drain, this plumber had simply punched a hole in the top of the drain, pushed the pipe in and sealed it up with putty. (You can see the problem below!)

The problem was his connection was blocking nearly 90% of the main drain. No wonder it got blocked easily.

The irony was, it would have taken him about the same time to do the job properly.

Naturally we cleared the blocked and installed a standard connection so the customer would never have the problem again.

At The Drain Man we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and ensure it complies with industry standards.

If you think your property might be plagued by “dodgy” drain connections, please give us a call on 1800 843 372. We’ll put things right.

Poor stormwater drain connection

Massive new sewer project for Mornington Peninsula

More than 16,000 properties on the Mornington Peninsula will benefit from the installation of a new $357 million sewerage system.

The area, ranging from Rye to Portsea, is the last in Melbourne’s south-east to replace its ageing septic tank system with a new sewer system. Residents will be glad to hear they can soon choose to connect their homes to the new sewer system.

The Minister for Water, the Hon Peter Walsh said, when announcing the new system, that poorly maintained or overflowing septic tanks posed a risk to public health, the environment and waterways.

South East Water has developed new technology that can free up capacity in the existing sewage transfer system to fast-track the project and enable some 4000 early connections.

The project is the largest of its type in Australian history. Construction of the entire reticulation network of 230 kilometres of pipes will take less than 30 months. This compares to the usual timeframe of 16 years.

That’s 230 km of extra sewer pipes that will one day need clearing by The Drain Man!