Cheap toilet paper causes $40,000 worth of blocked sewers

A university in Colorado USA is planning a lawsuit because it claims it was supplied with “defective” toilet paper that caused $40,000 worth of plumbing costs over the past few years.

The university says the toilet paper “failed to disperse properly and caused the toilets and sewer lines at the university to become clogged”.

According to the lawsuit, in the spring of 2009 alone, there were flooding issues in 27 of the university’s buildings. Incidents included overflowing toilets and backed up drains, toilets bubbling over and toilets that simply wouldn’t flush.

Apparently in one case, an attempt to clear a blocked sewer with an auger resulted in it becoming so clogged up with toilet paper it could not be removed. The university had to saw-cut concrete and excavate sewer pipes in order to remove it!

The irony is that the lawsuit means that several lawyers are now clogging up the pipelines of the legal system with their own paperwork!

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