The Drain Man fashions brand new drain-clearing tool

At The Drain Man we pride ourselves on having and using the best, most advanced drain clearing equipment available to clear blocked drains.

But sometimes, even the most advanced equipment won’t get the job done.

Recently we visited a construction site where someone had accidentally poured concrete down an exposed drain. It was under a concrete slab that had recently been laid and no one was interested in digging up the slab to access the drain.

So the builder, a plumber, another mate of the builder and someone else had all had a go at trying to get the concrete out of the drain. All without success.

Finally someone got smart and called The Drain Man.

We came out on site, put a camera down the drain and took a good look at the situation. While we often clear concrete in drains, in this particular situation our plumber on-site knew it had particular challenges. So rather than using the standard drain clearing equipment, he fashioned a unique tool on the spot.

Essentially he took another piece of equipment, inserted a bolt into the head of it, cut slots into the bolt head to fashion a type of drill bit, then attached it to a sewer clearing machine. Basically he created a “concrete drill”. Using this he was able to drill away at the sides of the concrete until it came free, then push it out of the drain.

All without damaging the drain itself.

Another example of the dedication, effort and on the spot thinking that we pride ourselves on here at The Drain Man. So if you want a drain clearing business that goes beyond the usual and really works to get you a result, call 1800 843 372.

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