How to fix tree roots in my drain and sewers

Over 75% of all sewer blockages are caused by tree roots finding their way into our sewer pipes.

Trees are beautiful, shady and provide valuable shelter for local fauna, but their root systems can have a devastating effect on your sewer pipes. Planted too close to the sewer, your beautiful tree could one day end up becoming a very costly and messy problem.

How do tree roots get into the sewer?

Tree roots grow in search of water and nutrients, which makes sewers a prime target. If planted too close, a tiny fracture or small gap in the join of two sewer pipes could be wide enough for a single hair-like tree root to pass through. Once inside, a mass of roots can form and eventually lead to a sewer blockage.

What can I do?

The most effective step is prevention, as once tree roots get into the system, pipes can become damaged and require costly repairs.

We recommend:

Regularly maintain and clean your sewer pipes

Visit your nearest Water Saver Garden Centre for advice on what to plant near sewers. You can purchase a copy of your property sewerage plan to determine the location and type of any sewer pipes and use this information to avoid planting anything above your sewer line.

Visit and click on Services and Products, Plumbing Works, Store Locations to find a store near you.

Who is responsible for fixing the problem?

You are responsible for any repair, replacement or maintenance for the pipes and fittings within your property until after the connection point to Yarra Valley Water’s pipes (usually near your property boundary).

Who do i call if i have a blockage in my sewer?

If you are having issues with your sewer drain and you suspect that you may have a blockage. Call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372.

The drain man have all the equipment and expertise to assist you in clearing and ensuring your sewer is running effectively.