The Drain man, Melbourne Fatberg

Got a fatberg? The Drain Man can help.

It seems like everyone is talking about “fatbergs”.

There was one in London last year that was the size of a London Bus.

There was another in London last week that was the length of a Boeing 747.

And there was another one here in Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley Water system.

So what is a “fatberg”? It’s basically an accumulation of fats, grease, oil and other things that have accumulated in the drains. Often then we get rubbish and other things that people have flushed down toilets or poured down drains.

For example, the supposed “flushable” wipes, which are not really flushable, will add to the problem.

So don’t ever pour fats and oils down your kitchen sink and don’t flush anything down the toilet except for paper and bodily wastes.

But if you do find yourself experiencing a “fatberg” blockage, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372.

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