The Drain Man has a team of highly trained & qualified plumbers who are specialists in drain clearing and relining.

General plumbers are like a GP, handling all plumbing problems.

At THE DRAIN MAN, we are more like highly trained medical specialists who use the most advanced equipment available and constantly keep ourselves at the forefront of our industry.

Step One – Diagnosis

Like a doctor who first takes an X-ray to diagnose a medical condition, we use advanced InDrain camera technology to view what is actually going on inside your drains, so we can accurately diagnose your problem.

(We don’t try to guess what your drain problems are. And we don’t start digging up your drains to try and see what’s going on.)

We show you this footage and give you a copy of it, so you can see for yourself exactly what is happening in your drains. No tricks. No guesses. No surprises.

Step Two – Treatment

After we diagnose the problem, we clear the blockage.

Being drain specialists we are usually faster and more efficient than ordinary plumbers at getting a result for you.

Read more about our blocked drain plumbing and why it gives you a better result.

Step Three – Total Solution

After we’ve cleared your drain, we tell you if it needs further attention.

Blockages can recur if you don’t find out what’s actually happening inside your drains.

Once the drain is cleared, the cause of the blockage is often revealed. Cracks, breaks, dislodged joints, even partially collapsed drains.

If we see that your drain requires relining due to any of these we will advise you. This can save you thousands of dollars in future blockages and plumbing work.

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