Is there a “fatberg” blocking your drains?

The story of London’s “fatberg” continues to spread around the world. And it has alerted more people to the problems that lurk beneath our streets.

Far too many people are still pouring fats and oils down their sinks, which dry, harden and congeal into giant “blobs” that can block drains and sewers.

When toilet wipes that don’t break up like toilet paper does are flushed down there as well, it all gets mixed up together in the sewers that run beneath our streets. And so things like London’s “fatberg” are the result.

Here in Australia, our own Brendan “The Drain Man” Dover was recently interviewed by News Limited in regard to the “fatberg” story. And whether it could happen here.

Have a read and if you think there could be a ‘fatberg’ lurking under your home, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372 or click on the link to get a quote.