Leading Hospital gets Major Surgery on Blocked Sewer

The Drain Man recently completed a major operation for one of Melbourne’s most well-known hospitals. The hospital had already spent a considerable sum trying to have a blocked sewer cleared. Several plumbers had tried but they simply couldn’t clear it.

So the hospital called in the Specialists – The Drain Man. We sent in our very best drain “surgeon” who did an in-drain inspection using our cameras to reveal what was happening inside the sewer.

What he discovered was an old cast-iron sewer pipe running beneath an underground carpark. The old pipe had literally rotted from the inside out but because it was beneath the concrete floor of the carpark, digging it up would be a major and costly procedure.

The Drain Man however was able to propose a more cost and time efficient solution. With the skill of surgeon, the blockage was removed and the old sewer pipe relined from the inside, ensuring that it was soon functioning again normally.

From all reports, the patient is doing just fine and is extremely happy with the result.

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