The Drain man, Fishing rod

Look what we fished out of someone’s drain..

After 15 years in the business, we are used to finding all sorts of things blocking people’s drains.

But last week we had a new one. We were called to a property which was suffering from a drain blockage.

We put our camera down the drain to do our regular inspection to see what was causing the blockage.

And something looked a bit fishy. Very fishy in fact! It was a fishing rod.

We’re not exactly sure how it got down there but we suspect that someone might have thought they could clear a blockage in a drain the same way you land a big fish!!! Using a fishing rod.

Unfortunately by the time we used our drain clearing equipment, including a high pressure water-jetter to clear the rod out the way, there wasn’t much left of it.

But our drainage plumber did get a picture of what was left and one thing is sure.

No one will be using that rod to catch anything, ever again.

So remember, if you’ve got something stuck in your drain, that shouldn’t be there, please don’t be embarrassed. Give us a call on 1800 843 372 or email enquiries(at) and we’ll come and clear it out.

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