New Building Authority promises better deal for consumers

On Monday 1 July 2013, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) officially replaced the Building and the Plumbing Industry Commissions of Victoria ushering in a new era of simplicity, protection and dispute resolution for consumers.

According to the VBA Chairman & Chief Commissioner Bill Kusznirczuk, “The new VBA will improve consumer outcomes by providing appropriate balance, fairness and independence, while also ensuring that disputes are resolved quickly, fairly and cost efficiently.”

The VBA will eventually become a one-stop shop for domestic building consumer protection and building practitioner regulation. The Authority’s oversight of the industry will include improved builder registration standards, inspectors to resolve disputes, and more accessible information for consumers.

“The Authority aims to build a strong consumer protection framework by properly monitoring enforcement and compliance with Building Rules and Regulations. The VBA must act as an effective regulator that will demand integrity and probity of the regulatory framework and the people that work with it.” said Mr Kusznirczuk.

The aim of the VBA is to establish best practice in regulating the whole building permit system so that buildings are constructed within a strong regulatory framework to promote safety, health and amenity for all people who use and occupy these buildings in our State.

“The building industry is a significant contributor to the State and National economies and we want this to continue while also ensuring that high standards of building compliance are maintained and protected,” Mr Kusznirczuk said.

As a leading business in the Plumbing Industry we support any changes which improve standards in our industry and deliver better outcomes to consumers.

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