Pipe Relining for Blocked Drains Melbourne

How The Drain Man relining system works:

Before any relining takes place, the drains must first be inspected and surveyed. We use a “Color CCTV pipe camera” to identify and locate the cause of the problem. The drain is then cleared using a high pressure water jet; once the blockage is cleared the pipe is then ready for the Liner installation.

The Flex liner is custom made from fabric that is impregnated with a specially formulated two part epoxy resin that sets hard in a matter of hours allowing minimal disruption and inconvenience.

Once the liner is tailor made and prepared, it is inserted in to your drain via  any opening in the drain. It is positioned in place with a CCTV camera and inflated, forcing the liner to take the shape of the pipe filling and voids, cracks or lining over any damaged section. After a 2-4 hour (subject to weather and conditions) curing period, the internal bladder of the liner will be retrieved, completing the process and making the drain ready for use immediately.

On completion of all works carried out, you will receive a “before and after DVD video survey” of your drain, 6 year work guarantee and a 40 year product guarantee.

This is an ultimate breakthrough in technology for blocked drains Melbourne. Contact The Drain Man to talk about this new method of clearing your blocked drain or considering a drain checkup to prevent a blocked drain in Melbourne.

Contact  the experts at The Drain Man for blocked drain cleaning, plumbing & relining in Melbourne, Sydney & throughout Australia.