Police Pull over Drainman Driver for quote on Blocked Drains

Recently one of the Drain Man’s highly trained team of drain clearing plumbers was out driving to a job. Naturally he was in one of the company’s highly visible Drain Man trucks.

When he pulled up at a set of traffic lights, an unmarked police car next to him signalled him to pull over. Assuming he’d done something wrong or perhaps there was something wrong with the vehicle, Amelio immediately complied.

When the police approached his vehicle, instead of the usual request to see his drivers licence, the officers wanted to know if Amelio could hand over a few Drain Man business cards. Apparently they’d been having some troubles with blocked drains and when they saw the truck they knew no one can do a better job of unblocking drains than, the Drain Man!

Of course you don’t have to pull over one of our trucks to get The Drain Man to help you clear a blocked drain or sewer.