Relining drains – now even simpler than digging

Relining sewer drains is simpler, more cost-effective, faster and far less destructive than digging.

And now it is even less complicated.

The Victorian Building Authority recently re-released their guidelines for laying sewer drains in “reactive soils, unstable or water-charged ground”. (You can read them at this link,-Unstable-or-Water-Charged-Ground.pdf  )

The guidelines tell you have to:

– first assess the ground to work out which classification of soil applies, including possibly getting a site inspection from a geo-technical engineer,

– rank the site on a ranking system from “non-reactive” to “highly-reactive”

– use special drain installation methods depending on which ranking the site has

– you may have to even install certain special drainage joints, depending on the site.

All this trouble, as well as the inconvenience of digging and the cost of restoration, can be eliminated if you just reline your drains.

With relining drains, there is no need to assess the soil as you are not digging up and replacing a drain. You are just relining the existing drain.

So keep your life simple and just reline your drains.

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