The Drain man, Eroded PIpe

The risks of clearing your own blocked drains


Clearing your own blocked drains can be a risky business. While you might be tempted to try it to save yourself some money, here’s a story that might make you think twice.

This person had a drain that was blocked with tree roots. They attempted to kill the roots using their own unique methods. By pouring “paint thinners” down the drain!

The problem is that when a solvent based liquid comes into contact with a plastics based PVC drainpipe, the drain pipe comes off second best! In this case the thinners literally dissolved the pipe causing it to become so soft and flexible, it completely collapsed.

It was so weak it couldn’t even be relined. So the owner had to dig it up and get it fully replaced.

This misguided attempt at doing a cheap DIY drain clearing job using $50 worth of paint thinners ended up costing the owner several thousand dollars!

Please don’t try to clear your own drains. Leave it to the professionals at The Drain Man. Find out how we can unblock your drains quickly and give you a superior drain relining solution that prevents tree roots getting into your drains. And in most cases it costs far less than having your drains dug up and replaced.