Sewer Blockages… Is it the property owners responsibility?

Problems in the sewerage system generally occur within the pipes, stopping the flow of sewage away from your home.

Responsibility for the maintenance of this network of pipes is shared between the property owner, and the relevant water company.

What is my responsibility?

The property owner is responsible for all of the fittings and pipes inside the property to the connection point with Yarra Valley Water’s pipes. Yarra Valley Water refers to this connection point as a ’27A’ and generally this point will be near the property boundary.

Any pipes and fittings on the owner’s side of the Yarra Valley Water connection point (27A) including the Boundary Trap (BT) and the Inspection Shaft (IS) are the responsibility of the property owner. This means any repairs, replacement or maintenance costs associated with these pipes and fittings are the responsibility of the property owner.

What should I do if I have a blockage?

1.You need to determine exactly where the problem is. If you cannot tell, call Yarra Valley Water on 132 762.

2.If it is in your pipes, the property owner is responsible and will need to engage a plumber.

3.If the blockage is in our pipes, Yarra Valley Water will fix the problem at no cost.

4.If it is unclear as to where the blockage is, we can send a crew to make an assessment. The crew will then clear the blockage at our cost if it is in our pipes, or provide you with options for clearing the blockage in your pipes.

For more information visit the official Yarra Valley Water Website or Click here.