Peter and Corinne, North Ringwood

January 24, 2014

Yesterday Ringwood was hit with torrential rain and our house drainage system has difficulty coping with the downpour. The rain was so severe that both my wife and I were having to aggressively broom water for 2 hours from around the dining room door, our a la carte area and back door. The water level was rising so rapidly that if we took just a moment off to rest the water would rise so that it was threatening to burst through the doorways.
We tried phoning several plumbers in the area to no avail as all the phone numbers we tried were either engaged or not answering, clearly others were in the same predicament as us. In desperation Corinne tried “The Drain Man” as he appeared to be local and within 10 minutes a tall young chap by the name of Ben pulled his truck, armed with all the state of the art equipment, into our driveway.
Ben had a quick look around at the problem and within minutes had a high tech pressure hose up the storm water outlet in the street and cleared the blockage almost instantly. The water subsided almost immediately and the crisis was over.
We are both so impressed with the Drain Man’s quick response, technical know how and delightful staff we would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody with a similar problem. You are a legend Ben and thank you so much.