Steve Henson

January 24, 2014

On the 24-02-2011 we had need of the services of ‘’The Drain Man”. We booked for a 7-30am start and the plumber actually started on time. He introduced himself as James (a common courtesy that is rare) and from that point conducted himself in a very professional manner, emphasising the dangers of the high pressure water jet and the requirement that I keep my distance. He placed witches hats around the work area leaving no doubt that that the “enclosure was Off Limits to Everybody”. All in all he impressed me with his easy to understand language (layman’s terms) good communication skills, diligence and an honest approach to the job in hand. As a retired business owner in the engineering and toolmaking trades, we have experienced our share of incompetent staff. James displayed competence and all the traits of that ”special person” that I would have no hesitation to employ.
Yours Sincerely