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At The Drain Man we never stay still.

We are constantly growing our business and adding new members to our team.

We are very proud to say we now have one of the biggest teams of highly trained specialists in Melbourne.

Our team of plumbers are all highly trained in both clearing and relining drains in residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and other premises.

Every week our team of plumbers are on the road visiting homes, factories, offices, shops, schools, hospitals, parks, sporting grounds and more, clearing out both stormwater and sewer blockages.

We inspect the drain, clear it, then reinspect it to make sure that we have found the answer to the problem and offered our customer a long term solution.

If the drain is found to be damaged and likely to block up again, we recommend to our clients to have their drains relined to prevent future problems. The new lining carries a 50 year warranty and so offers very long term protection against tree root intrusions or other problems.

Got a blocked drain? Go with Melbourne’s biggest and best team – The Drain Man!