What NOT to put down your drain

Local water authority Yarra Valley Water recently issued a timely warning to all householders on what NOT to put down your drain.

The story, which ran in the local Leader newspapers detailed some of the extraordinary things that they (as well as us) have found flushed down people’s drains and sewers. Among the list were:

  • jewellery
  • cash
  • clothes
  • bricks
  • nappies!

The story included a timely warning not to pour fats and oils down the sink or toilet for fear of creating a local version of the giant “fatberg” that blocked London sewers recently.

Like most kitchen scraps its better to pour fats and oils into paper towels or any other absorbent substance and place in the rubbish. And don’t flush anything down the toilet except for what you would normally do each day!

Flushing things down the toilet or pouring them down the sink, does not make them “go away” and it could be more than just your toilet or sink that backs up…. you could end up blocking the whole street.

For more tips and hints on what NOT to flush down your toilet or drain, please read this article:


And of course, if you have put something down there, that shouldn’t be down there, and it’s causing you problems,call The Drain Man on 1800 843 742! (And don’t feel embarassed, we assure we’ve seen everything!)