Drain Man-Specialist Drainage Plumbers

The Drain Man is Melbourne’s original drain clearing and relining specialist plumbers.

Founded over 15 years ago, by Brendan Dover, The Drain Man has cleared or relined literally thousands and thousands of drains and sewers throughout Melbourne.We pride ourselves on being specialists at what we do and have a “Zero Failure Rate” when it comes to drain clearing and relining. We simply will not walk away from a job without giving you a solution to your problem.

We are renowned as being the drain clearer that others refer their tough jobs to and have many plumbers who give us clearing jobs which they have simply given up on.We clear and reline drains for homes, shops, factories, offices, large commercial buildings, even roads & train networks and more.

We operate one of the largest fleets in Melbourne and are proud of our highly trained, dedicated team of plumbers.

For the very best in drain clearing and relining services, call The Drain Man on
1800 843 372

Why should I use The Drain Man and not a general plumber to clear my drains?

Blocked drains and sewers are our speciality. All our plumbers are very highly trained in clearing them. We come to your property, locate your drains, send a camera down inside them and then show you the footage so you can see for yourself what the problem is. We give you an estimate of how long it may take to clear the blockage.

Many plumbers simply put a drain clearing machine down the drain, run it until the water starts flowing away and then say it’s done, when the problem could be much more serious. Or they might “have a go”, then walk away because the job gets too hard for them and they have other work they’d rather be doing. We have a “zero failure rate” policy which means we won’t walk away from a job without giving you a solution.

The Drain Man is just that – we specialise and focus solely on clearing drains and sewers and any blockages. For general plumbing enquiries such as broken taps, washers and leaks please contact your local plumber.