Got a fatberg? The Drain Man can help.

It seems like everyone is talking about “fatbergs”. There was one in London last year that was the size of a London Bus. There was another in London last week that was the length of a Boeing 747. And there was another one here in Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley Water system. So what is […]


Now that’s a drain lining!

There are stormwater drains we reline. And then there are STORMWATER DRAINS we reline. Recently we did one of the bigger drain relining jobs we’ve done for a while. The City of Monash had discovered one of its concrete stormwater drains was cracked, crazed and had a major dislodgement, causing it to block during heavy […]

The Drain Man Speaks at VTIO Soil Secrets Seminar

The Drain Man speaks at VTIO Seminar – Trees & Drains can co-exist

Brendan Dover, aka The Drain Man, was invited to speak yesterday at the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation’s Soil Secrets Seminar. The seminar featured a number of key local and international speakers who spoke about various issues facing trees in the urban environment. The theme of Brendan’s talk was that “trees and drains can co-exist”. It […]


The dangers of DIY drain clearing

Doing something yourself can sometimes be very rewarding. But there are times when the urge to “do it yourself” can get you into all sorts of trouble, as a new customer of ours recently discovered. He had a very severely blocked drain and despite the best efforts of our team to convince him that we […]