Drain Relining

Drain relining keeps you in the clear long term

Don’t dig if you don’t have to. The Drain Man can reline your broken, leaking or root-infested drains.

Drain Relining and Sewer Relining is simple, fast and more affordable than digging up your drains. It’s been proven for more than 25 years around the world and more than a decade in Australia.

Our “No Dig” drain relining system saves you the cost of digging up your property, driveway or garden. There’s also no need for the cost and hassle of restoring it to its original condition.


Experts in Drain and Sewer Relining

The Drain Man are experts in drain and sewer relining. Our experience ensures we will make the right recommendations for your needs and budget. Our team are highly trained at advanced relining techniques. Our equipment is the best in the country. Our relining carries a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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What type of drains can be relined?

  • Sewers
  • Stormwater Drains
  • Bends, junctions and traps
  • Short & long sections and patches
  • Earthenware pipes
  • Cast Iron
  • PVC
  • Pipes from 50mm to 400mm in diameter

5 Easy Steps to drain and sewer relining

  1. We assess the damage using our InDrain Camera System and locate the source of the problem.
  2. Any clearing of blockages takes place first.
  3. We then measure and cut the drain lining on-site and soak it in a 2-part resin. It’s inserted into the pipe, inflated to take the shape of the drain and left to harden.
  4. Once the resin in the liner has cured and hardened, the inflatable bladder is removed.
  5. A final camera inspection shows that the lining is a now a “drain within a drain”. It is 100% leakproof and impervious to tree-root intrusions.

Benefits for homeowners

  • Drain relining is fast, simple and affordable.
  • We can reline entire stormwater drains or sewers or patch repair short or small sections.
  • The end result is stronger, smoother flowing pipes and drains. Drain relining is guaranteed for 50 years
  • Relined pipes have smoother, faster flow through them and are virtually impervious to tree-root intrusions.
  • We can also “patch-repair” pipes with small section repairs or patches on damaged sections of pipes
  • Relined pipes are 100% leak-proof, are stronger than the original pipe and are guaranteed for 50 years.

Benefits for business owners

  • Don’t let blocked, cracked or leaking drains shut your business down or cause you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
  • Drain relining minimises interruptions to your business. Most relining can be done in 1 day.
  • Traditional “dig and replace” methods of repairing damaged drains cost your business heavily on top of the actual cost of the repair.

Benefits for Body Corporates

  • The high cost of digging up and replacing blocked, cracked or leaking drains can cause untold problems and disagreements for Body Corporates.
  • Drain relining is faster, simpler and more affordable without causing problems to dig up, replace and/or restore large paved or concreted areas, extensive garden beds or gardens or significant plants or trees.
  • Relining causes less problems to residents and minimises interruptions.

The Drain Man are experts in drain relining in Melbourne, Sydney & throughout Australia.


The Drain Man are Australia’s original specialists in blocked drains & plumbing services. Servicing Melbourne, Sydney and many other regions throughout Australia, we have over 15 years expertise in drain relining, blocked drain plumbing, CCTV drain inspections, blocked toilets, sewerage systems, overflowing drain services and other drain/sewer/pipe related services.