How quickly can you fix my blocked drain or sewer?

We pride ourselves on our fast response. Generally blocked sewers get Same Day priority. Blocked drains will be cleared as quickly as we can. If you have an urgent problem, call us on 1800 843 372  and we’ll get to you as fast as possible.

Do you service my area?

The Drain Man services VICTORIA AND NEW SOUTH WALES. We have one of the largest teams of experienced drain-clearing plumbers, so we can get to you wherever you are, fast.

Do you service after hours?

We work 7 days a week, however, give us a call on 1800 THE DRAIN MAN (1800 843 372) or fill the Enquiry form on the website and we can see when we can get out to you next.

Who is responsible for the cost of clearing a blocked drain?

The homeowner is usually responsible for the cost of clearing blocked drains and sewers, including the section of the stormwater drain that runs from your property out to the street. If you’re renting, the landlord should cover the cost, unless you have been doing something in your property outside the terms of your lease which causes the problem or you’ve been excessive in what you flush down your toilet.

What do I do if a neighbour’s blocked drain is causing me problems?

Many people don’t actually know where their drains run from and to, let alone their neighbours. Our InDrain Camera system combined with our drain locating equipment can help map out exactly where your drains go and help you find out exactly where your drain problems are. We can help you discover if the blockage is being caused by something outside your property. We record the footage so you can show any third party what we have discovered and help you make your case.

How will I know if my drain is blocked?

If your drains are blocked, there will be water pooling somewhere on your property. If your sewer is blocked, your toilet won’t be flushing away properly or your shower, bath or sinks will be draining slowly. Generally, until you will notice bad smells around your property when drains or sewers are blocked.

Are there any “early warning signs” of a blocked drain?

If you hear gurgling or gulping sounds coming up from your shower, bath or sink or from the bathroom floor then your drains may already be partially blocked. If water is draining away slower than normal, if your toilet is taking a long time to flush away or the water level in it is rising or falling below normal levels, these are also warning signs of a blockage. If the drain outside your house overflows when the washing machine is in use, this is also a sign of a blockage. If you are experiencing any of these issues, please call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372.

Do you fix blocked drains on commercial premises?

YES! We fix drains and sewers for shops, factories, offices, restaurants & cafes, public buildings, government offices or any premises or property that has a drain or sewer. We have the capacity to undertake large commercial projects or regular contract work.

How do drain pipes get crushed or broken when they are under ground?

Even if you don’t live in an earthquake zone, the ground actually still moves from time to time. This can be made worse by renovations on your property, heavy vehicle traffic over the top of drains, other recent excavation work, other tradesman interfering with your drains and not telling you. Even heavy rain can cause the ground to sag or seep, leading to old style drainpipes cracking or breaking.

What is a stormwater drain?

A stormwater drain takes the rainwater (or stormwater) that falls on your roof, driveway, paths and other paved areas and carries it away from your property in underground pipes. During heavy downpours the amount of water that falls on all these areas can be considerable, leading them to be blocked or overloaded so floods occur.

Should I replace my drains if they are constantly getting blocked?

You don’t need to dig up and replace your drains, even if they are getting blocked regularly. The Drain Man can clear your drains properly then use our “No-Dig” relining system to reline your drains from the inside, without needing to dig up your precious garden or cut through your driveway. Relining is easier, faster and generally much, much cheaper than digging up your drains. Plus the drain relining material that the Drain Man uses is guaranteed for 50 years. Tree roots will not penetrate through a properly relined drain. Call us for more information on our drain relining on 1800 843 372.