Protecting against blockages

Food and oil interceptors (also known as grease traps) play a very important role in keeping our sewerage systems clear from oils, fats and food particles that can cause blockages. If you operate a food outlet, it is important that you have an adequately sized food and oil interceptor in place and that it is […]

The Drain Man supports TLC For Kids Tracky Dack Day July 1st 2011

Tracky Dack Day DATE: 01ST JULY 2011 Trackies. Represent. Recovery Australia, Dack Up & Donate A day when Australians will wear tracksuit pants to promote awareness of 1.8M kids undergoing treatment in hospitals each year. Why? Because each day in a hospital, the kids are encouraged to change out of their pyjamas to keep a […]

Are you throwing money away on blocked drains?

Are your drains frequently blocked? Are you sick of throwing money down the drain only to be provided with a temporary solution? Well The Drain Man can solve your ongoing blocked drain problems with our innovative relining solution. The Drain Man can reline your drain from the inside. No digging is required and there is no need to reinstate […]

Help I have tree roots in my Drain!

Tree roots can be aggressive and can often exert pressure on buildings, footpaths, fences and pipes. Existing cracks in pipes allow root invasion, as tree roots will seek out sources of moisture and nutrients. Pouring herbicides down blocked drains will not clear the roots but will almost certainly result in pollution problems and will kill […]

Symptoms of a blocked drain

Symptoms of a blocked drain * When the toilet is flushed the waste will not discharge – blocked drain  pipe * The toilet may fill up then recede slowly – blocked drain * Drainage may overflow outside – blocked drain pipe * Bad sewer odour – blocked drain * Water fills up and recedes slowly […]

How do I obtain an estimate of how much my drain clearing will cost?

As the circumstances of each job are unique, our policy is to make individual pricing estimates on a case-by-case basis. To find out more about our pricing or to get a costing estimate on a drain-clearing operation at your premises, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff by phone, email or our online […]

Increase your business’ water efficiency

With the scheduled water and sewerage services price rise set to take effect from 1 July 2011, now is the time to make sure your business is an efficient one. There are a number of ways that you can improve your business’ water efficiency to help reduce the cost of your water account: Exchange your […]

Sewer Blockages… Is it the property owners responsibility?

Problems in the sewerage system generally occur within the pipes, stopping the flow of sewage away from your home. Responsibility for the maintenance of this network of pipes is shared between the property owner, and the relevant water company. What is my responsibility? The property owner is responsible for all of the fittings and pipes […]

TLC for Kids

The Drain Man is a proud supporter of TLC For Kids. This great organisation provides critical care to kids in hospitals across the country. They provide emergency distractions to nurture the emotional wellbeing of kids undergoing medical treatment, within 48 hours of the request being made. Sometimes this is a surprise gift, a visit from […]

Stage 2 Water Restrictions remain in place until 31st of March 2011

Stage 2 water restrictions are now in place across metropolitan Melbourne and will remain, at least, until 31 March 2011. The continuation of Stage 2 restrictions will provide Melburnians with greater certainty over the next nine months while maintaining the existing savings by households, industry and the wider community. Melbourne will remain on Stage 2 […]