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Constant training the key to The Drain Man’s success


What is the secret to The Drain Man’s constant success in drain clearing and relining? The answer is one word – training!

From the very beginning, the company has made constant improvement the No. 1 priority. And this all comes from constantly keeping up to date with all the latest developments and techniques in drain clearing and relining.

Every two weeks, the whole team, including office staff, management and all the plumbers get together to share knowledge, experience and lessons learnt from the field.

New equipment is introduced, discussed and tested in the field if deemed worthy of trial. New techniques in relining are examined to see if they bring about a faster or better result for the customer.

The company’s founder, Brendan Dover, regularly travels to plumbing expo’s and conferences here and elsewhere to keep up with the latest advances in plumbing. He tests and checks new indrain cameras, new drain clearing equipment, and other advances to ensure that The Drain Man remains at the forefront of the industry.

All of this effort is directed simply towards getting a better result for the customer, in faster time and with better outcomes. Because that, in the end, is who we are all here for – you, the customer!

The Drain Man are Australia’s original specialists in blocked drains & plumbing services. Servicing MelbourneSydney and many other regions throughout Australia, we have over 15 years expertise in drain reliningblocked drain plumbingCCTV drain inspections, blocked toilets, sewerage systems, overflowing drain services and other drain/sewer/pipe related services.