The Drain Man recovers vital security keys from drain

Friday last week, The Drain Man gets a call. An urgent problem has arisen involving a drain.

“Can you get here quickly?” the voice asks.

On arrival, our plumber discovers a group of anxious looking men standing around a drainpipe. Somehow, someone had dropped a set of vital security keys worth several thousand dollars down the drain. They were irreplaceable and not to be copied.

The men had tried everything to get them out. Magnets on the end of ropes, specially fashioned hooks made of wire and coat hangers, all to no avail.

Andrew from The Drain Man gets to work. He pulls out his InDrain Camera and quickly locates the keys, showing everyone on the monitor exactly where they lay.

He has an immediate answer. Pushing his high pressure water jet equipment down the drain, beyond the keys, he angles it so the high pressure water sprays backwards up the drain. In seconds the keys are pushed to a point where they can simply be grabbed and pulled out.

Job done in only minutes. And another case of when it comes to ANY problem involving drains, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372 for a fast and efficient solution to your problem.

*Note: no individual names, company name or location has been used in this story to protect the identity of the unfortunates involved in it!