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The Drain Man Relines record 27 metre long Drain

Over 15 years, we’ve relined many, many drains. But it’s not often we get the opportunity to reline one this long, in one continuous length.

The customer had an older property in Cheltenham with an old 100mm concrete drain that was so badly broken and collapsed it would flood back through the downpipes when it rained.

The Drain Man team cleared the drain using high pressure water jet equipment then set up to reline the drain the full 27 metres from the rear downpipe all the way to the gutter in one continuous length!

The operation involved key members of The Drain Man’s relining team who completed the operation smoothly, quickly and without a hitch.

This length is a record for our company and seems to have set off something of a pattern for clearing longer drains. Since doing this job, we’ve been regularly relining drains in continuous lengths of 16m, 18m, 24m. As more and more people are understanding the benefits of drain relining, we are getting more opportunities to show how relining can provide a permanent solution to your drain problems.

So if your drain or sewer is causing you problems, call the team at The Drain Man and get it cleared and relined, no matter how old it is or how long it is, please call us 1800 843 372.