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The Drain Man speaks at VTIO Seminar – Trees & Drains can co-exist

Brendan Dover, aka The Drain Man, was invited to speak yesterday at the Victorian Tree Industry Organisation’s Soil Secrets Seminar.

The seminar featured a number of key local and international speakers who spoke about various issues facing trees in the urban environment. The theme of Brendan’s talk was that “trees and drains can co-exist”.

It focussed on how relining drains can reduce tree root intrusions and therefore reduce the need to cut down trees unnecessarily.

The audience, which comprised a wide variety of people from the arborial industry, were very pleased to discover they can recommend that if people do have problems with tree-roots in their drains, there is no longer any need to cut down the trees or even dig up their drains.

The existing drains can stay in place and simply be relined, therefore ensuring there is no disturbance to the soil in which the trees reside.

For more information about the seminar and the role The Drain Man is playing in helping to preserve trees, please watch this short video

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