The Drain man, Hilary Harper,

The Drain Man talks ‘Fatbergs’ on 774 ABC Radio

Brendan “The Drain Man” Dover was invited recently to speak on 774 ABC Radio about the growing problem of ‘Fatbergs’ in Melbourne’s sewers.

He joined Hilary Harper on her Saturday morning show, October 4th around 10.30am.

Fatbergs are a growing problem, caused by fats and oils being poured down drains, which then cool and congeal. Then so-called “flushable” wipes and other rubbish get stuck to the mess and it just keeps growing. More fat and oil gets added, then more wipes, then more things that shouldn’t be flushed and eventually you end up with a ‘fatberg’.

In some cities around the world, these ‘fatberg’ have grown to the size of a London Bus or the length of a Jumbo Jet. They block up sewers, take days to clear and cause all sorts of grief.

Brendan spoke to Hilary about this problem and how people can prevent ‘fatbergs’ from forming in their sewers, by not pouring fats and oils down the sink, not flushing wipes or any other non-paper items down the toilet and generally being mindful of what goes into our drains.

For more advice on what you should or shouldn’t put down your drain or your toilet, please talk to a professional drain expert, like The Drain Man. And if you have flushed something down your toilet that is causing your problems, please call us urgently on 1800 843 372.

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