Massive new sewer project for Mornington Peninsula

More than 16,000 properties on the Mornington Peninsula will benefit from the installation of a new $357 million sewerage system.

The area, ranging from Rye to Portsea, is the last in Melbourne’s south-east to replace its ageing septic tank system with a new sewer system. Residents will be glad to hear they can soon choose to connect their homes to the new sewer system.

The Minister for Water, the Hon Peter Walsh said, when announcing the new system, that poorly maintained or overflowing septic tanks posed a risk to public health, the environment and waterways.

South East Water has developed new technology that can free up capacity in the existing sewage transfer system to fast-track the project and enable some 4000 early connections.

The project is the largest of its type in Australian history. Construction of the entire reticulation network of 230 kilometres of pipes will take less than 30 months. This compares to the usual timeframe of 16 years.

That’s 230 km of extra sewer pipes that will one day need clearing by The Drain Man!