The Drain Man, Fatberg, drain block

Monster “fatberg” blocks London drains… now that’s a job for The Drain Man!

It weigh 15 tonnes. It’s the size of a bus. And it’s lurking under the streets of London.

It’s a giant “fatberg” made up of fat, rotting food and sanitary wipes. And it’s almost completely blocked a sewer in Kingston, South West London.

Authorities were alerted to the problem when locals started complaining they couldn’t flush their toilets.

No wonder, the “fatberg” was so big, it had almost completely blocked the 70×48 cm sewer.

Not suprisingly, local water authorities have pleaded with local residents to stop pouring fat down their drains and to stop using “flushable” wipes. Now while The Drain Man has never encountered a blockage in a drain this big, we certainly would have the capability to clear it if we ever did come across a monster like this.

It is also an excellent reminder of why we put a camera down a drain BEFORE we try to clear it, because you never know what you are dealing with down there!

So remember, whatever “monsters” lurk in your drains, call The Drain Man on 1800 843 372 to clear it fast!

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