Blocked sewer? We fix it for good

The 3 rules of blocked drains and blocked sewers:

  1. If a drain blocks ONCE, it will block AGAIN.
  2. You can clear it, but if the REAL CAUSE of the blockage isn’t FOUND & HANDLED, it will keep on getting blocked.
  3. The only way to assure it won’t get blocked again, is to RELINE IT.

Don’t waste money on drain clearing that only treats the symptom and not the cause.

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Get the right diagnosis and the right solution

At The Drain Man we don’t waste your time or money guessing what is wrong with your drains or sewerage systems.
Our InDrain Cameras and our years of experience and specialised training mean we get to the heart of the problem and show you what it is.
In many cases, the blockage can be identified and cleared on the spot.
Where we see bigger problems (such as damage to your drains caused by tree roots) we can tell you:

  • exactly what the problem is
  • exactly how we can fix it
  • exactly how much it will cost

The Drain Man drain relining services are the best way to ensure your drains are cleared and fixed for good.